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Act to prevent a US war against Iran - Open letter to Angela Merkel

AUTHOR:  Mohssen Massarrat and many others, 19 February 2007

Translated by  Current Concerns

The following urgent appeal to the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel – at present also holding the EU-Presidency and the Presidency of the G8 – was sent to us by Dr. Yvonne Schmidt, an international law expert of Graz, who asks us to publicise it as widely as possible. We gladly follow this request and add the wording.
Remember that Iran is a member state of the Nuclear Weapons Non Proliferation Treaty and like any European or any other state has the right to use nuclear power for civilian purposes.
Remember, how we have been dragged into one war after the other by means of lies by the USA, the one remaining superpower since the opening of the “iron curtain”:
The First Gulf War

The witness to the incubator-story in Kuwait (the girl that was all tears when she told the world how she witnessed Saddam Hussein's soldiers taking babies out of their incubators and letting them die on the cold floor) was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and had never been inside a Kuwaiti hospital.
The War against Yugoslavia
That war started with lies and lies were continually produced whenever required. Ruder Finn Public Relations, a US-firm for political lobbying and one of the largest communication firms in the world with offices and affiliates world wide is proud of having found the right spin right from the start in the early nineties. (In an interview with Jacques Merlino, France2, James Harff, director of Ruder Finn, frankly admitted, that his firm had produced false reports, in favour of the Croats, the Bosnian Moslems and later the Albanians in Kosovo). Then followed lie after lie - about Racak, about the “Hufeisenplan” (horse-shoe-plan), etc. etc.
As to Nine Eleven
there is extensive literature available containing evidence that Nine Eleven was a "home-made" disaster. As for Europe see: Daniele Ganser: http://www.danieleganser.ch/interviews/index.htm. The consequence was the arbitrary assault on Afghanistan – a murderous war, that by now has been lasting as long as World War II.
Then followed Gulf War II
It was US-Secretary of State Colin Powell, who presented a dossier of lies about the would be WMD to the UN and once again the international community was bamboozled. The dossier went to the waste paper basket and Colin Powell stepped down. The war, however, that had been justified on the grounds of that false dossier, has now become so murderous on the part of the Western cartel and all its private factions including Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo that it will take some forthcoming generations until the country will have recovered.
Iraq was one of the countries with the most advanced alphabetisation in the region and its health system was highly developed. Without the Western sanctions, which had been undermining the country for almost 13 years, this development would have gone ahead. The whole Third World know awfully well what happened to Iraq and will never forget and forgive it.
Next Gaza prison
The illegal wall in the west-bank, the CIA produced swindle about the “rival” groups, one of them financed by the US; the Israeli assault on Lebanon that produced a devastating legacy:


No insight, no rationality, so that even the father of the project “Eurasia”, Zbigniew Brzezinski, warns the West against wading further into this war. Obviously , the actual media reports concerning Iran are all preparations for an attack on the country.
For days now evidence has been accumulating that the USA are  not only marshalling their seventh fleet in the Persian Gulf, but that further aircraft carriers are on their way to Iran, as well. A war against Iran will have catastrophic effects on the region and on the people living there. But not only the people there will be affected. The effects of modern weapons (uranium weapons for example) will be felt all over the world; so it is about the future of mankind as such.
We urgently request you to do everything possible in your surroundings to work towards preventing this war of aggression against Iran. The Security Council not having shown enough steadfastness, the civil societies and the governments of the countries must think about new ways of protest and bundle their forces. The behaviour of the US means a flagrant violation of international law and international conventions as well as an endangering of world peace to the highest degree.
We teeter on the edge of a nuclear war. The arsenal of new weapons, including thermobaric weapons and uranium weapons that do not form a mushroom cloud, but otherwise produce temperatures up to 5000 degrees, nonetheless cause radioactive contamination of our globe: The winds distribute the nano-particles all around the world. On behalf of the living people and the generations to come: Stop this planned aggression in concert with all those desiring peace. The rest of ongoing hot wars must come to an end.

Editors  Current Concerns

Dear friends,
Almost continuously I have been receiving frightening news about an imminently war of the USA against Iran. There are international peace efforts going on to help prevent this war.
Please do help to prevent this planned war with your name, your esteemed signature under the attached letter. Please pass the letter on to other interested persons.
Thank you very much and best wishes to you and your family
Dr. Yvonne A. Schmidt





Federal Chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel

Office of the Federal Chancellor

Willi Brandt Platz 1

10667 Berlin


 Open Letter


Dear Mrs. Federal Chancellor and EU Council President


We, the undersigned of this open letter are turning to you with the urgent request to do anything in your power to prevent a US war against Iran.


Everything points to an impending comprehensive aerial war against Iran waged by the United States of America. Studies of the International Crisis Group show that an attack would not be confined to the destruction of nuclear facilities alone. The aircraft carriers Stennis and Eisenhower have already been stationed in front of Iran's shores and according to The Guardian of February 10th there is a third aircraft carrier on its way to the Persian Gulf.

Those three aircraft carriers and their formations are equipped with weapons, sufficient to completely wipe out all military and civil infrastructure of Iran, including bridges, highways, power plants, refineries and water supply facilities.

To protect US warships against Iranian missiles, Patriot rockets have been installed in the South of Iraq. With alarming appeals renowned experts such as Sam Gardiner, Seymour Hersh and Daniel Elsberg have been warning for many weeks against a new war of the US-Administration. On February 4th three former commanders of the US military spoke up in the Sunday Times to warn most urgently against the disastrous consequences of an air strike. A similar warning was expressed by former NATO commander-in-chief Wesley Clarke in Munich.
The New York Times of 9th of February is bluntly supplying some pretexts for the attack on Iran by holding Iran responsible for the death of 170 US-soldiers in Iraq. No one less than Zbiniew Brzezinski turned against the distribution of such pretexts. Early in February he warned President Bush at the US-Senate's Foreign Affairs Committee not to make up fake evidence for a "defensive" military action against Iran. The situation today reminds us of the false propaganda during the months prior to the Iraq war. Unfortunately there are no indications that the US-President is working towards a diplomatic solution. He declines the dialogue with Iran in spite of the recommendations of the Baker Commission. His permanent protestations that he would prefer a diplomatic solution just serve  to cheating the American people as well as the Europeans.  It seems, that within the political leadership of the United States those have succeeded, who are determined to eliminate the regime of the Islamic Republic and want to bomb the Iran back into a completely irrelevant political factor in the region by the destruction not only of its nuclear facilities but also of all its military and relevant economic capacities. If this actually happens, the entire region of the Middle East will tumble into chaos, which will cause a major threat for peace in the world - not to mention the political and economic effects for the world, last not least also for Germany. With his insane war plans the US-President is acting against the majority of the Americans as well as against many of his own party. In our opinion, there is no political and moral legitimacy whatsoever for any further co-operation with Bush in the Iran conflict since any such co-operation would be understood as  consenting to his aggression plans.


Dear Mrs. Merkel we ask you to act because danger is looming. Do prevent this war! Otherwise Germany and the European Union could be made responsible for a disaster of unthinkable dimensions.

-          Declare an unmistakable refusal to military aggression against Iran in the name of Germany.

-          Demand the EU and its member states to express themselves accordingly. 

-          Speak out in favour of new negotiations with the Iranian leaders without preconditions but on the legal basis of the Non-Proliferation-Treaty.


Stand up for a Conference of Security and Co-operation in the Middle East to begin as early as possible, in order to start the peaceful dialogue in the region. Either there is a common solution for the actual conflicts in the region or there will be a fire storm, chaos and new calamity for the whole of mankind.


Hoping that peace can be secured through the efforts from many sides we remain


Yours sincerely


Hans Christoph Graf von Sponek (former UN-Representative of the project “Oil against food” in the Irak)

Koppe (peace researcher)

Krippendorf (politics scientist)

Schorlemmer (civil rights activist)

Negt (sociologist)

Morgenroth (physiotherapist)

Grottian (politics scientist)

Mader (peace researcher)

Ruf( politic scientist, North Africa expert)

Buro (peace researcher)

Massarrat (politics scientist, Middle East expert)

Strutynski (peace researcher)

Claussen (chairman of German section of IPPNW)

Gottstein (Honorary chairman of IPPNW  German Section)
Drr (core physicist)



Signed by Prof. Dr. Mohssen Massarrat
Hofbreede 64

D-49078 Osnabrck

Tel: 0541/442284

Fax: 0541/4430528

Merkel and Ahmadinejad in the German Carnival 2007

The editors of Zeit-Fragen, Current Concerns , Horizons et dbats welcome this initiative. The content of the appeal corresponds with the requirements and the situation that we have been documenting for the last few weeks. It is highly desirable that the citizens of the European countries sign this open letter in large numbers and send it to their Members of Parliament, the concerned bodies in their countries, to the representatives at the European Parliament as well as the European Council and to all those, who are involved in the decision process.
URL of this article :  http://www.tlaxcala.es/pp.asp?reference=2133&lg=en



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PEACE AND WAR : 28/02/2007